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Traveling is been aaa-mazing !

June 2005 , wow ! It has now been 16 years ago when I embarked on my traveling journey as a sonographer, my first offer was in OBX the Outer Banks , North Carolina. What a great and amazing experience. I was living in San Diego. I drove for three days from the Westcoast to the Eastcoast , being on the road driving cross country was incredible ! all the things you get to see, all the roads and beauty of this nation is incredible. I have such great memories. I am glad I took the plunge and decided to travel. There is so much to learn , there is so much to live and experience. If you have the opportunity , I would recommend at least trying it, if you feel like doing so, otherwise you will never know what's out there. And if it's not for you that's fine too.

Learn about how it all works, so that you may have a successful experience, traveling and making money. You get taxable and non taxable wages . What a great opportunity !

You will learn so much not only about sonography, and ways people do things in every State.

You will also about yourself and the history of the towns as you travel, It is fascinating , it will make you grow professionally and personally , Meet people and other colleagues who someday will be your friends , and now with social media you can keep connected and even go back and visit them someday, I would say go for it and enjoy the ride while you can. You will someday look back and be so proud of all the things you got to do, and accomplished. Have fun and make the best of it !!!

You might even get to be on the newspaper like I did !

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