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Our Mission and Vision Statement 

Our mission is to educate the healthcare community about our profession while simply sharing our passion for sonography.


Our vision is for other healthcare professionals to have a deeper appreciation for our profession and for all sonographers to feel empowered to excel in their specialties.

Here at Sonography101, we are passionate about creating awareness about our beautiful profession and spreading knowledge to our fellow sonographers and sonographers to be.  

We want everyone to know what a

S-O-N-O-G-R-A-P-H-E-R is

and what the profession entails.



Daryan Rivero, MHA, RVT, RDMS 

Daryan is a DMS Instructor. She has a Bachelors Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and a  Masters in Health Administration. Daryan is truly passionate about her profession, which is why she started Sonography101 and loves to spend her spare time creating content for the site. 

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Jordyn Troop, MHSc, RDMS, RVT
Operations Assistant and Coach

Jordyn is a full time sonographer with a Master’s Degree in Health Science. She loves learning and sharing her sonography passion and knowledge with anyone who cares to listen. She also has an adorable cat named Smudge, and enjoys traveling and spending time exploring the outdoors.

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Kristy Le

Sonography Influencer

Kristy is a full time OB/GYN sonographer and part time YouTube medical influencer/vlogger. She found a passion in providing awareness and education to the sonography field. Her goal is to show others the great work of what we do as a profession and what is required. She has shared her Sono journey from the beginning and is happy to help you out on your journey! 

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Marybeth Tomory
B.S., RDMS, (Abd, Ob/Gyn, FE)

Sonography Educator

Marybeth is a full time MFM Sonographer. She walked into an ultrasound room when she was 16 and never wanted to do anything else.  She has worked in hospitals, outpatient imaging centers, private Ob/Gyn offices and is now at an outpatient MFM office. She is passionate about patient care and education. She is married her wonderful husband Matt (who is VP of an ultrasound probe company) and has 2 teenagers. 

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Estella Lomeli
RDMS, X-Ray Tech, MA

Founder of SonoTravelers

Estella began her journey in the healthcare industry when she was only 18 years of age. She worked as a medical assistant as well as x-ray technician before she began her journey as a sonographer. She has now over 20 years of experience in the sonography profession, and has experienced a variety of clinical settings nationwide by being a traveling sonographer for nearly a decade now. 

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