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Sonography Unleashed: Riding the DMS Instructor Rollercoaster & Rocking the Classroom

Hey there, lovely readers! It's been a minute since I last shared my thoughts with you all, but life has been one big rollercoaster of professional twists and turns. Now, I'm back to doing what I LOVE – teaching. A few months back, destiny knocked on my door in the form of a DMS instructor position, and I couldn't be any happier. Sonography education has always been my passion, the driving force behind Sonography101, and now I get to ignite that passion in others.

Buckle up, because I'm about to spill some beans about life as a DMS instructor and share some tips and tricks for all you new instructors out there.

These past four months have been a whirlwind of OB/GYN and Vascular, my personal favorite. The thrill of diving deep into these subjects and watching students grasp complex concepts has been like a symphony for my soul. Sure, it meant diving into hours of studying and rehashing old concepts, but when you see those light bulbs flicker to life above your students' heads, every second of effort is worth it.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom I've picked up along this incredible journey:

1. Stay Organized, Stay Sane: A friendly teacher assistant platform can be your knight in shining armor. I've been riding the iDoceo wave, and it's been an absolute game-changer. Lesson plans, attendance, grades – you name it, iDoceo's got it. The downside? It's an exclusive Apple party, so Microsoft fans, you might need to wait for your invite. But hey, for all you Apple aficionados, this one's a gem. You can also just search teacher assistant platforms for Microsoft and you should be able to find a few.

2. Grade Like a Pro: Grading can be a never-ending saga, but we've got a shortcut – Grade Scanner. It's a superpower for educators, helping you breeze through quizzes and exams. Pair it up with iDoceo for a seamless grading experience. And here's the cherry on top – you'll get all the juicy stats about those exams. No more scratching your head wondering where your students went wrong. Spend less time grading, more time teaching.

3. Engage and Conquer: Remember those early days of stumbling through topics? We've all been there, and there's only one way out – practice, practice, practice. Confidence comes from preparation. Don't shy away from admitting when you're in the dark about something. Students appreciate honesty. Spice up your classes with activities and projects that make learning an adventure. Draw it out, make it interactive.

4. Guest Stars and Networking: Be the maestro of your classroom symphony. Invite guest speakers to add flavor to your lectures. Think of it as infotainment – education served with a side of excitement. And while we're on the topic, networking is your golden ticket. Introduce your students to pros in the field, let them soak up inspiration, and watch them blossom.

5. Listen and Learn: Seek feedback, be open to evolving, and learn from the people you're teaching. We're all in this journey together, soaking up knowledge like sponges in a rainstorm. The more you know, the better you teach.

*Don't be like this 😂

So, here's the bottom line for all you new instructors out there: It might feel like a maze at first, but trust me, the pieces will fall into place. Dive headfirst into your lessons until you're riding high on a wave of confidence. But remember, the learning never stops. Stay updated on the latest and greatest in your field – technology, procedures, techniques – everything. Your goal is to equip your students with the tools they need to excel, so go above and beyond to make them the most amazing sonographers out there.

Oh, and speaking of misconceptions – it's high time we shattered the notion that sonographers just "take pictures." We're in 2023, folks. Let's step up, arm ourselves with knowledge, and change the narrative.

Have any burning questions or just want to chat? You know where to find me.

Let's raise the bar in our sonography programs and dazzle the world with our expertise. Remember, we're not just sonographers; we're knowledge warriors.

Let's slay those misconceptions together! 🎓🔥

Yours truly,


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